Thursday, May 13, 2010

DETH & Don Hardy: Gamblings & Ramblings

I did my hair tonight! I rolled it in aluminum foil. Yes, I am a left-over tonight. I will show the results tomorrow. I look a hot mess right now. I am still dripping with hair products. I just got finished watching Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart on Oprah. Rob looked like sex on a god damn bun. I am so into that nerdy fuck. Jacob was on there as well, Im sorry, Taylor Lautner. He looked like a nice big block of yummy as cheese. Damn they look good. Greg watched with me, poor guy. He had to see me salivate over another man. He understands. I never complain when I see Big Black Bootiez Part 6 in the laptop. Oh man Rob looked good. Oprah got him to knock on random fans doors. I wish that man would knock on my damn door.....

Anyway.. enough of my naughty thoughts.

Okay, so my outfit is pretty simple yet a dash of punk is in this one. I got the top years ago and it still remains as one of my most favorite shirts. I bought it for 25 dollars. Ridiculous..I know. I needed it though. This shirt came out before the whole Ed Hardy craze. I was all over it because it was so tattoo-like. I was all over this shirt. Of course after I bought it, I found it in the clearance section a week later....I really hate that. I have no patience. The shirt represents gambling and death. I think this shirt is super hardcore. I will never get rid of it.

So the pants are from Torrid. Shirt is from Hot Topic by Don Hardy. Blazer is from Torrid. Shoes are from Torrid as well. Bag from Hot Topic by Andy Warhol.

Look at my office space? Whoa, it looks really good. Never really noticed....Wow...I need to keep shit clean more often.

This picture has nothing to do with anything. Its a picture of what I live with. My mac, my make up and my styling gel. Knowing damn well I don't have actual "hair" to gel...

Look how sexy that mac is.....*chills*...
Aww yeah!

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