Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cant Stop Addicted To The Shin Dig!

I need to stop eating so much. Since I been back to California with the hubbie. I have been going everywhere to eat. We went back to all our favorite eateries and all the places we like to get ice cream. I am so gaining weight I swear. Not only that, I raped Palm Springs California and had P.F Changs for the first time. Greg and I waddled out the damn place! But it was so good. We need to chill. So we went to Cold Stone. I mean, we went everywhere. So we made a deal that we will eat healthy this week. We bought propel water, regular water, and good healthy fruit. I been such a pig lately. Oh well, at least some one is loving this stretched marked ass. I'm glad he thinks I am a hot piece of ass. Oh yes, I am surprized myself. He always wants to smooch on me, he really digs me. It is pretty cool.
So I bought new stuff this weekend. Can I be honest? I am so use to being alone and taking pictures for this blog. Now that I live here with a person, I feel I look weird taking pictures in front of him and posing in mid air. But oh well, I am gonna do it any way. I should be posting my new stuff tomorrow. Sorry for being so side tracked lately. 8 months of not being with Greg was such a headache. Now that I am with him, I am so absent minded.

What else is new with me:

  • I been listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers like a crazy person! I forgot how good they are. There music is so California style, so LA.
  • I have a shopping problem, and it is a problem..wish I cared more.

  • Dita Von Teese goes to the grocery store like this, what a babe
  • I wish my ass looked like this. Whats sexier then a big ass and a small waist. She is so ethnic and hot. I wish my body looked like this. I think if my ass looked like this, I would be pregnant. Greg would not be able to take it. He is an ass man.
  • I love these boots. SPEAKING OF BOOTS! Where the hell is my damn Ugg boots! I lost one shoe! What the hell...
  • Lady Gaga is hot....

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