Saturday, May 8, 2010

What A Bad Bitch Would Wear & Not Care...

I love bad ass fashion. I love all styles of fashion of course, I really do not have any particular style. But one style on my top 5 is punk rock fashion. I love it. I love manly suits and I love broad big shoulders. I love anything that looks dirty and holie. I love bad bitches like Rihanna and Cassie who shave there head. I love a bad bitch who wears converse in a Alexander Wang dress. I also love when a bad bad bitch rocks a baby doll dress with some bad ass Doc Martins. If it looks odd I like it. I am the type of girl that would rock plaid and polka dots and make the shit look good. Thats a bad ass if you ask me. So here are some clothes that are over a thousand dollars on there own....that are bad ass. I would wear all this shit.

This might get a bit emo-mazing for you. Just a warning..

  • Oxfords In Alligator
Now I want a pair of these so bad. Like I said, I like manly type things and I like making them feminine.
  • Romantica Pumpz
These are so pretty. I love the soft pink. This is not a bad bitch shoe at all, but with the right dress ( ripped up studded vest dress) it could look make it pretty bitch-a-licous.

  • Spiked Jean Jacket

If this does not scream bad bitch I do not know what does. I would buy this in a second. I know its like my rent money....and I would be sleeping on the street. But then at least I would be sleeping on the street looking fierce.

  • I just need to buy these...

I would bet the fact at least one of those studs would come off. Then again these are priced at like 2 maybe not...

  • Miley Makes The Boys Smiley

I first saw this shirt on Miley Cyrus. How bad ass is this. I would wear this everyday. I would wear my back out as well, with my rolls and everything. You couldn't tell me nuthin.

  • Bad Azz Vest
So sexy. You could wear this vest with pretty much would make any outfit edgy.

  • Chain Reaction
I would never put away this bag. Now everyone knows I am a big bag hag. I would love to own this. Its real busy and has a lot going on.

  • Studz Budz


  • Knucklez For Ur Face

I am shocked Torrid does not have a knock off version of this ring? I would wear this shit out everywhere, even to the damn grocery store. It screams bad bitch. Could you imagine walking in a room with this shit on?
  • Bootz That Kick Ballz
I would wear theses with leggings and be done with it. Top? I would just through on a button down stripped shirt and go about my day.

  • Leggingz Worth Buying
My fat would seep out the sides but does Tia give a fuck? Of course not. And they say leggings are not this case....they are now....

  • Sharp Edgez
.............I would...............I would..............
...I would..................I....
I ANYTHING......for this blazer...
Who ever made this is my friend. This is so bad ass there are no words. *catches breathe*

  • Military Fairiez
Last but not least. The military blazer. Why the hell does Torrid not have a knock off version of this? Do you know how much money they would make? They do have this one on their website which I might get..but we will see...
C'mon Torrid...lets get it together

Forever 21 has about 4 blazors like this already..*snap snap* Lets get it together people...

To the "people" who say "Well just lose weight and get into the F21 blazer." Fuck you because to be honest, a big fat cheesecake with strawberry fructose cover all over it sounds
Like I said......
Torrid! Lets get on the ball....


  1. love the picks and style. you left a lovely comment on my blog and want to do the same. love your blog!!!

  2. Yes yes yes! All these are bad bitch! Everyone of these pieces remind me of my two fave bitches. Amber Rose and Rihanna!