Friday, May 7, 2010

The Host and Shoes I Can't Walk In...Except One...

It is finally friday, and Twilight is on regular t.v. What is our world coming too? Just kidding, it is about time it came on TBS or Bravo I guess. I can not believe its been this long. It felt like just yesterday I bought the book. It kind of bums me out because it means the saga is almost more movie left. So gay. Speaking of Twilight, I bought the new book called The Host today. Hopefully it is good. I speak more on it in the video below.

I have been on this shoe kick which sucks because I am not a shoe person. I am actually not even a heel person so this whole shoe kick is quite dumb.

*Side-tracked.......Twilights on right now, Jake looks so good, I feel like a rapist...I am so wrong...damn he got super buff since the Twilight. I am in love with that kid....literally.....eww right??*

Any way, Here are the shoes I am feeling but will never buy because I feel I am super tall. I can never pull any of these off except the boots.

  • Screw you Miley...Im super jealous of her shoes....
  • Kanye's Girlfriend Amber Rose was rocking these the other day..
  • I want these. I want these. I want these! Where can i find even a knock off pair of combat boots!!? Where the heel can I get like a twenty dollar pair? I can so rock these with some leggings and a big sloppy ass tee shirt.....*droul*..

  • These are similar to Amber Rose's shoes...I like them in black...
  • I would totally rock these in real life I think...but the wedges are a bit too tall....anything with studs or pyramids on the shoes...I WILL buy.
  • I couldn't rock these if I tried....But damn these are hot....

Back In California Update: Im Late from Tiamoya Mcneely on Vimeo.


  1. I love those spike wedges so much! I saw these and it inspired me to post an in progress shoe renovation I am doing. Gave a shout out to you in my post :)

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  3. Hey darlin, You don't have to choose one of the awards, take em both!
    (lol, it's not usually done that way, but I was given both at once, so I'll pass them on that way too) You deserve it, you've got a great blog :)

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