Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roses In Grey: The BFF Edition

My main bitch Rose just got these shoes off E-bay. Its funny because me and her were at the mall and we went into a store called Bakers. She never been in there before and she saw these shoes. She loved them of course. But they did not have her size at all, so she went on the website and they did not even have them there. So Rose did what she does best. She went on ebay and stalked them. And about 3 weeks later she got them in the mail. Nice boots right. I think retail sold them for 50 dollars, she got them for 20 dollars. This chick always gets the best deals I swear. One day we went to a store and she bought a fucking pair of playboy stilettos for 99 cent. What the hell! I was so made that day. I was like only you would get that type of deal, fucking asshole. Me and her have a very funny relationship. We find the word "bitch" and "fucker" as terms of endearment. Works for us. So she sent me these pictures and I decided to share with the world. Hopefully she wont sue me, she is dressed to kill! Ha! Ha!

Now this chick is always is jeans and never wearing leggings or dresses unless we go out. So when I saw this picture my jaw dropped. She looks so fierce right now. I have a total BFF crush on her right now. Wurk Beech!

The shoes again are from Bakers. But she shops on E-bay so, I am not sure if another pair of these shoes will be on there. She worked this outfit. She owned it.


  1. hey hun! thanks so much for stoppin by my lil blog the other day! i really appreciate it and giiirrrlll ... u know those shoes are hot! ;-)

  2. wow, those shoes are amazing!

  3. aww. she looks amazing in those shoes!

    ebay here i come!!!!!