Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wish-list List: I Want I Want I Want!

What a busy day. I was out all day getting my shit together for my patio. I finally got it to where it looks pretty classy. I should post it. I actually bought flowers for the patio and hanging baskets. They are so going to die. I am trying to do this happy wife domestic shit and I think I am starting to ask myself who am I kidding. I will not water these plants. Its pretty funny. But yes, so I did that. I went to Walmart and target. I got Febreeze and I got some briefs for Greg. It was nice. Very cool and calm day. Full of fun. I did not even go to the mall and shop like a looney. I am super proud of myself. Right now I am on the phone with Rose as she talks to me about salads. My minds a little looney today. Im gonna post my regular wish-list now.

  • Vang Gogh Nails (Is That How You Spell It?)
You have to admit, this is pretty bad ass. It looks like it would have took forever to do this. I could be pissed if it chipped off...

  • Chick With Dreds & Hot Dress
Her hair is pretty bad ass..Makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. Love the dress. Honestly I am still stuck on the hair. She looks amazing.

  • Sharp Edged Shoulder Bladez
If I find this shirt...its mine. If it stops at a size large....I'll buy it and stretch that shit out with my teeth...Either wayyyyy...its coming with ME!

  • Rih Rih's Shades
God I love these. I remember when I first saw Rihanna with them. I could not believe it! I LOVE THESE. I would have sworn that Hot Topic would have a knock off by now.

  • Juicy Couture

I love there charm bracelets... but Juicy s no joke...I can never really afford it..I mean, unless its at Marshalls or TJ Maxx..?
  • Bad Ass Dress

Now you have to really have style and swag to rock this but I really like it, who is this chick? She looks so bad ass...

  • Rawr!!!!
Thats just cool...

  • Tattoo Bluez
Look how pretty these spots are! Makes me want it more and more. I love it down the*sigh*....

  • Beys Jay
Beyonce was rocking this Jacket the other day. I saw it on So nice! Why can't I find this yet?

  • Anything Chanel
If I owned this bag I would feel like I made "it". LOL!

  • Tough Kickz
Umm..How bad ass are these?

  • Hole
Is it dumb that I would pay for this shirt that look like a dog ate it? Yeah...I know.....*smiles*

  • Military Bitch
OMG OMG OMG! Damn...I am checking this jacket out like its Robert Pattinson, up and down the package....*droul*


  1. Those nails are so cool! Also loving the leopard print eye shadow.

  2. I love the military jacket at the end. And I might just have to try out that eye shadow! Try is the key word!