Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dont Rain On My Parade Bitchez

I had a fun weekend. Thought I would show the pictures. Also, I wanted to know where the hell are all the Twilight fans? I have not yet met anyone obsessed with it like I am. I know they are out there. I watched Oprah and there is alot. What the fuck? Why can 't I meet a Twi-hard? Maybe I will meet one when I go back to the s-word. I am not saying the s-word because I honestly am tired of it. But it starts with an S and rhymes with pool. And people give apples to the people who work there...*sigh*..Christ....

My sunflowers are still kicking...pretty cool right?

I so should have bought this picture..only 15 dollars...but where would I put it?

Funny. I made this video over the weekend and now it kind of matches exactly how I am feeling. Check it out if your bored. I make episodes of myself because it so fun looking back. I always look back at Rose and I having fun. It is always fun to watch the past and memories that it holds. So if your bored or off of work or the s-word. Just check it out. Great post giving the fact Glee comes on tonight!

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