Friday, May 14, 2010

How Dirty Girls Get Clean

Greg just came home early. That was fun. Great week. I just got the movie Legion. Going to check it out this weekend. I did a bad bad thing this week but I am happy anyway. I got lucky. I am going to stop typing now because Greg is reading everything I write...



Any who, its been a very good week for both us in different ways. Greg is going to hook up is Charger like he always wanted. And me..well...You can watch the video to figure out..

How sexy is Rih Rih and Madonna in these PICS!!!


  1. Holy Fuck Stix...What a Receipt!! Hope Greg dont see dis cus some bodies ass is gonna be red after he thru wit cha!!!

  2. You are bad Tia this is Rose that Torrid bag I asked you what you got from there and no wonder why u didnt say WTF that receipt your husband should smack you with that receipt Mrs. All I want is sushi my AsS your a bad girl tia a real bad girl I had to find out that you bought alot of shit this way the shame your husband should kick your ass buying all that shit nigga you brought home forty boxes while u was with me. wait til Memorial day sales me ass F u TIA