Monday, May 17, 2010

The Beautiful People: Using Your Ugly

You know how people are kinda taking back the word "fat". Or how people are taking words that were once bad and turning them into good things. One of the words that I want the most to transform is ugly. I mean, it kind of had already turned into pretty because of Top Model and stuff. Many of the really pretty girls on that show hate the fact they are too commercial aka "pretty". Which I like. Its like ugly is the new black and I love it. I mean, I feel there are two types of looks...pretty and traditional pretty. Now "pretty" is like Christina Ricci (from Adams Family). She is cute and yet she has this huge forehead which makes people call her ugly, but they can't truly say that. I mean, she is "pretty" but some beg to differ. Okay..this might sound confusing. But let me explain the other pretty...which is "Traditional Pretty"...which means Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox, hell, even Beyonce. No one calls them ugly, because they are universally pretty. "Pretty" is like Fergie....many beg to differ. Or Kirsten Dunst...many beg to differ...Maggie Gylenhall...many beg to differ..... "Traditional pretty" is I said ...Angelina!
I personally like different pretty or what they call ugly. Even not dealing with Celebs, we all even have the friends who are traditional pretty aka everyone wants to bone them. Then you have the average "pretty" friends, there not ugly..but they are...okay. Its true. Even Courntey Love has said it herself. She said she has never been really pretty so she always has to fuck like a monster, she says skinny hot girls just lay there, they don't have to do much. But girls like her have to work. I love it. I mean...its true.
I consider myself "pretty" because I would rather be. Traditional pretty brings a heavy load, sometimes. And lets be honest, some people have told me I look a hot mess, that I need to lose weight and that I am not very "cute". And the twisted funny thing about that is, I like that. Because funny looking people always get that one mother-fucker, who finds them drop. dead. gorgeous..

I think the word "ugly" has to much power...I think its kind of a nice word.

Here are my "pretties" & "non pretties" that MADE it work..

  • Rihanna
Yeah, Rihanna to me is traditionally pretty. I mean look at her. Her style is crazy but face wise I think she does have the chops. Every guy I ever met, no matter what race wants to bone Rih Rih. Congrads Rih
  • Lisa Bonet
Universally pretty. Hands down. No one calls her ugly, lets be real. And she is freaking gorgeous, her lips are hot...
  • Lady Gaga
No one calls Lady Gaga pretty. They really do not. I have heard she has swag but I know a lot of guys who would not bang her. She works her talent and her body because she has too. She does not base anything on her face. I love that about her. I love the fact she is that duckling that wears the hell out of that swan suit.
  • Frida Kahlo
Not very many people know who she is. But she is a famous artist (one of my favorites) and there is a movie about her as well played by Selma Hayack ( I so spelled her named wrong and ain't nobody about to google shit..). She was not considered pretty and sported a damn union-brow and got many men AND many ladies. Thats called working your ugly.
  • K-Stew
I seem obsessed with her don't I? Ha ha ha! I feel she is considered just "pretty", because many will say she is very plain, which I have said myself. But she makes it work, I mean look at her boyfriend...
  • Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Congrads Shiloh...Your parents look like gods.....and so do you..

As my friend Rose would say.."She came out the womb with a credit score of 800".
  • Mrs Minaj
Did you know her first name is Miraj. As in Mirage. Pretty cool fact right? I think she is traditionally pretty myself...I think she is drop dead hot....but I have a girl crush so I guess that does not count...
  • Legend Janis Joplin
Was never considered pretty. Was always told she looked funny. Yet she "owned" it and had many many many lovers up in her bed. I love that! She made it work.

See? Ugly doesn't have to be a bad thing, but alot of woman could not even fathom calling themselves ugly in a good way...I do not see it!


  1. lol at the phrase "duckling that's wearing the hell outta a swan suit"

    Who is K-Stew's bf?

    Nicki Minaj is average imo... Her style/swag makes her cute. I can't imagine her being a "natural beauty"


  2. Kirsten Stewarts boyfriend is robert pattinson...the guy that plays edward in the twilight series....yumm!!!

    and nicki i can see being average...i think her makeup and her style makes her more appealing and sexy...good point

  3. I have a girl crush on nicki as well! She's sexy but not naturally in most opinions bur since I'm a groupie, I always research her nd in my opinion she's never been ugly nd even now,she's not at all ugly without makeup. People said she would look like a monster without makeup,but in tha video clip from last years Grammys, she didn't wear makeup besides lipstick.