Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Open Door: Me & The Movements

Since living on my own I am afraid to look in the mail box. The thing is that I am not in debt nor do I have a lot of bills. It is the fact there is always something in the mail that I have to pay for. Shit that just shows up and says "Hey! Pay us some money. Okay?" Half the stuff be random and half the stuff be accurate. I hate going to the mail box. I hate it. Greg is so relaxed he does not care. He figures since we have the money its okay. It is still bullshit. I think he gets nervous about the mailbox as well.

Either way, I am going to the beach today. Just to get away and maybe have some lunch on the board work. I think I am going to be a worrier for the rest of my life. And I am just going to have to accept it. There is no book, show, or chicken soup that can cure me. I am such a lost cause.

Here is my outfit for the day. It is pretty regular and has no real kick to it but I love my Steve Maddens and thought it would be cool to show them. I got them for 12 dollars. Pretty sweet given the fact is was 50.
Greg is still off from work. We have been having fun. We watch movies every night. I think we go out to eat a little to much. But Greg is right, we are okay in the bank and I need to stop spazing so much. I am such a spaz.

Scarf is from Forever 21. The shoes are from DSW, a shoe warehouse. Top is from Torrid of course. And the capri pants are from Marshalls by Union Bay. Necklace from New York & Co.
While watching t.v and catching up on what going on in the world, there is a lot of stuff I like and a lot of stuff that I think is pretty dumb. Most stuff I like, maybe some stuff I find dumb but not a lot. Here is my list of movements going on.

  • The Barbie Movement

I do not like the Barbie Movement. Now, if you ask me do I like Nicki Minaj the answer is yes! I am in love with her. But as for the whole "Im a Barbie" I think it is..I don't know, I think its a reason for people to pretend to be different. All the stuff I was into when I was 18 that was weird is now cool because Nicki Minaj does it. I got so many weird looks when I was 18 and rocking purple hair. Now every chick got pink hair like Nicki Minaj and now its "okay". WTF..?! Whatever, I guess I am emotional scared from my past. LOL! Cute shirt though right?
  • Christina Aguilera Being Lady Gaga Movement *side eye*
People get really pissed if you compare the two. I do not care how long Christina was out, she is biting the shit out of Lady Gaga. Now she is all up on a girls crotch like she is gay or some shit. Christina please! Your a swagger jacker! I can not stand her now. I watched some of her new video and had to turn it off. Christina becomes Lady Gaga like a mother fucker! I dis-like the Christina video and I think she can sing well enough without trying to slut it out all the damn time...*she is weak*

Look at this picture from the video! Are you kidding me?!?! Raise your kid hoe bag and get out that womans crotch! What an attention whore!

  • Graffiti Movement
I am going to find a new book on Graffiti. I own two. I want to try it actually. I want to try my artistic expression with graffiti. Seems fun. My fav Graffiti artists are Fafi and Miss Van. Of course all women. You guys should check them out if your into art like I am. How cool is the cat from Alice. Gosh I wish I would find a wall around here and just go crazy..

  • The Glee Movement
I am down with the Glee movement. I am surprized I like it so much. I always did like musicals. Comes on tonight as well! Yay! I love it! Rose (BFF) and I love it. We sat in my room and watched the whole season of Glee for hours. We eventually stopped and watched the rest during the weekend.

This is not a movement.....


I just thought...the cheesecake looks good...
Its Cookie Dough Cheese Cake..
Orgasm for the mouth...


  1. very cute outfits!

    and omg i dont quite get the barbie movement either! like im all for being unique and free and whatnot...but whats unique about a carbon copy movement about being plastic? .LOVE THE GLEE MOVEMENT!

    hate the christina wanting to be gaga movement haha

    fun post!

    -Sarah M

  2. Very true. Amazing post

    Your style is so powerful. You have beautiful hair and beautiful body. I love your blog very much. I wish you and rose had a t.v show out here. Ha Ha. I miss you two. You mentioned rose is buying new shoes? when will they appear?

  3. soon! she actually just bought them off ebay :)

  4. u dress cute and have really nice legs!

    lol @ the mailbox fear... i am not afraid of the mailbox, i just hate it! i hate bills and when i'm waiting for a new job to send mail, it takes forever...

    lastly, that cheesecake looks like heaven!!!

  5. girl does it ever! i want that cheese cake so bad!

    but yeah, i hate bills....:(