Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art Edition: Graffiti & Pretty

I thought since I was talking about art so much I thought I would wear something that looks arts or drawn. I have a lot of clothes in my closet that represent art. A lot actually. I was quite shocked. I went in the closet looking for a shirt to wear today, something artsy, and I found so many. I thought I should pop the tag on the tank top I never wore. Thats the blue one. Why am I on this art movement I have no idea. Well actually I have been inspired so much since I have been back. The culture around here is so inspiring when it comes to art. Then yesterday I bought that awesome Ink magazine. I need a sketch pad so bad. But I always buy sketch pads and never draw in them. I have a huge drawing bad with just 3 pieces on it.

Back to the fashion. Okay. The jeans I am wearing are pretty bad ass. But the main look I was trying to show was the top and hoodie. The jeans are super bell bottoms. I love these jeans. I will show these jeans again. The tank is from Torrid on sale for 9 dollars. Hoodie was from Torrid, I got it like a year ago. I love the design in both. Scarf from American Eagle.
The bag is from Hot Topic. Hot Topic always have to the coolest bags I swear. I do not dress all punk rock like I use to but I still go in from time to time. I love busy bags. The rainbows and hearts sold me. The chucks are actually from the Thrift Store. I got them for 5 dollars! With the scull laces! NOW, let me say, sorry to say this...I might not be going to the right thrift stores around here but Maryland has the best Thrift stores....hands down.
Cheap, cute and actually diverse.

California's Thrift stores ..... the divided there thrift stores. One store is a thrift store filled with old people depends, and the other Thrift Store they have..they call it a "vintage store"....

And they CHARGE you 13 or 14 dollars for a USED shirt...are you fucking kidding me?? Sorry Cali but you aint rockin it right now for me...unless someone can tell me a bad ass thrift store in Cali..??? I lived here for about 2 years or more....

So this is one of my favorite art books. I bought it a long time ago at Borders. It was like 40 dollars and I spent all my saving money on it. It wasn't for school, it was just to have it for inspiration. Thought I would show everyone. The last picture is a picture I never finished. On a huge drawing bad, only one drawing made on it...why do I do this? Any way, check it out peoples..

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