Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Beautiful Blogger & Sugar Doll Award

Very urban Amy Winehouse don't you think? I think its pretty funny. Ha ha! Anyway. I want to take this time to dedicate a post to something thats cool and important to me. I started my blog August 2009 and I had no followers for about 3 months straight. I started this because one day I found some very famous well known blogs of woman who were my size and the posted there fashion. I literally looked at the screen at all the cute outfits and was like, "I have a lot of shit I never wore, maybe I should post all my stuff and pop the tags off those clothes."Thats how I kinda started this. Then it became a place to vent, a place for friends to contact me, a place for even people who can't stand me to read about me..It became a journal pretty much. So after all this and all the dramatics, I got two awards.

I never got any type of award for anything like this before. So I was quite honored and kinda giddy! The person who gave me this award and nominated me was this lovely beautiful woman below. Her blog is freaking awesome beyond words. I adore her and I am huge fan of her. So it came as a shock to me she threw my name in as one of her favorite blogs.
She is simply wonderful. Her jewelry is amazing as well! So I want to give a shout out to her. Check her out at

Now when you get these you are suppose to post the blogs of your choice that you think are bad ass and deserve this award as well. So i picked my favorite blog that are on my "LOVE" list. So here are my award winners. I pass on the torch.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Rugby Loving College Diva

  • Fat-Tastic Fashion

  • Dollface is Candysweet

  • Sweetfaced Style

  • Caviar Dreams On A Cheese And Cracker Budget

  • Shitney

Now I have to post 10 things about myself...Lets get started! Even though I am sure people know a lot!
  1. I am a huge music head. Music means a lot to me, and I mean all music. I listen to Metallica all the way down to Taylor Swift. I do not discriminate.
  2. I have dreads because I do not like doing my hair. I told my best friend Rose when I was 11 that I will have dreads by the time I am an adult, and I was right.
  3. I am attracted to a lot of different looks. I like odd looking guys most of the time.
  4. I like the Twilight saga..ALOT!
  5. I have been married for about 3 years
  6. I want kids but I am afraid of being a parent. I don't think I am mom material..right now.
  7. I can draw just about anything, Im pretty creative.
  8. Besides my best friend being Rose, my second best friend is my husband. I tell him everything and we are actually friends. Like seriously..we hang out in strip clubs and bars.
  9. I love Hello Kitty
  10. I will pay 60 dollars for sushi, I love sushi sooo much.

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