Monday, May 31, 2010

Try To Access The Problem: The Jewelry Edition

So over the awesome Memorial Day Weekend I have been having an accessories kick. So I got this ring I always wanted and I mean always wanted. I love anything with the british flag on it. Please do not ask why. But it so nice. I am so feeling it. I wanted this ring so bad. It just looks so kooky and fun. Si I got it on sale. Did I mention the sales this weekend were crazy? I am trying to do better with my jewelry and no just throw them to the side. I am the girl that opens her jewelry box and all I see is that one earring and not the other. Also in the box is tangled up necklaces and birth control. Yikes! So I got this little stand for my jewelry and hopefully I will be a better mama with my earrings and accessories...

Check out these Earring I got on-sale for two dollars! How bad ass! I got a complement on these earrings in Sephora by this chick with pink hair and a hello kitty tattoo on her wrist. So these are kinda hitting. I love huge earrings. I HATE small earrings. I still love my Boho jewelry. The only problem is that you can not find Bohemian or ethnic jewelry at all. Its my favorite brand.

Here is what I mean. I found these on this bad ass website called Peace Makers. I love all the jewelry on there, they even have loc jewelry. What the fuck. I want it. But every time I deal with buying anything over the internet I get fucked side ways.. *sigh*

Check this out:

I want...i WANT...i WANT.....

I would kill for this bad ass...I love this :(


  1. Beautiful jewelry I want that African ring too. Its so dope!

  2. Like the Ankh and the feather earrings. lol would need a place to wear them to though.

  3. Love your jewelry collection, especially that Union Jack ring. To die for.

    And that tattoo, omg, l.o.v.e.