Thursday, May 6, 2010

Im Doing Me: Im Living Life Right Now Man

The soothing sounds of Drake. You know..the rapper guy. I am not a huge rap fan but Drake is freaking awesome. He has this new song called "Over". And I literally have been listening to the song over and over. It is such a fuck you song. Pretty much a song about being famous, but I churned it to fit my persona of course. Just a reminder that if I ever asked myself what I am doing, I have realize that I am doing me, and I am living my own way. Whether people like it or not.

So this is my average everyday outfit. putting on all black and a funky vest is always stylish without trying to be stylish.

Very normal and everyday look I usually wear. Very realistic. You won't catch me wearing pumps all day everyday, maybe even never at all...

Here I am wearing an all black Old Navy tee shirt. All black Torrid leggings. Nine West all black boots. The vest which is a washed out jean gray was from Torrid on clearance. It was like 24 dollars so I had to get it. Very relaxed look.
The bag is something I have not even popped the tag off yet. Its from Wilsons Leather and I bought it for school this semester. Looks like it will be used for this Fall instead. Moving from state to state and living different places for months at a time takes its tole. Classes become non existent. Homework becomes an headache. So going back to school will have to be this fall. I guess. Any who, its all leather and a very nice bag. I dig it.

So back to real life:

  • Went and got the hubbys oil change yesterday and went across the street to price tattoos. Greg might get this real awesome tribal tat. And he might get another as well...I think he should go for it.
  • We went to the beach yesterday. Just to be there. You know...this is off subject but have ever looked on facebook at peoples profile just to see how there life is going. Anyone, whether its a friend, a family member, a you ever just go on their page to see how there shit is going? Well, I did yesterday. It was a guy I looked up. I know him from.....well.....I guess I will just say school. So I went on his facebook and saw that this guy is lonely. He is a great guy. Good looking, great personality. He lives with good people...its just that...I don't know? Have you ever looked at a picture of someone smiling when you know in the picture they are really sad? I felt that for him, and he is such a good looking and smart guy. I felt bad for him. You can tell he is going to be alone for a long time...which is kind of depressing. And don't get me wrong...I like the guy and have no vendetta against him. But have ever just looked at someone and can tell there just going to live the single life forever and they don't ever know it? I see that with that guy.....poor dude...he has not a clue.

  • Anywho! Hope you like the fashions. I have been doing a lot of thinking about life and marriage. I think a lot about love these days and family. I think I am just growing up more and more and seeing things totally different as life drags by. I assume thats normal.


  1. I like this! It's fierce and yet simple at the same time.

  2. yeah! the best way too go :)

  3. ooh... that food looks amazing! and i love, love, love that Drake song too!

    last thing... cute outfit! i need that bag!!! if u were in LA, I'd make u my bff and raid ur closet! LoL

  4. OMG!!! Love that vest... if ever you want to donate... you just let me know. You look great ;)
    food doesn't look too shabby either.

  5. yes yes yes! the food was amazing! Thanx a bundle on the vest :)