Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its A Mans World: Male Couture

I had a lazy day. I was listening to Glee music and playing my new Sims game. Sorry for the late post. I got this shirt from H&M. I was walking through H&M and saw nothing. I saw all the gaga shoulder shirts and realized I got most of them. At least the ones I could squeeze into without struggling to get out. So I am looking around and there this beautiful shirt was. For some reason the first thought in my head was Rihanna. Why? I have no idea. I love the guy on the shirt. This shirt screamed at me so I bought it. They had many more cool odd shirts, the collection is called Black Book. You guys should check it out on the H&M site. My british ring really matches this look. The shirt was 15 dollars.

So also while finding all these cool ass shirts there was a Lady Gaga tote! You know it was mine right? I had to get it. It was only 7.50 and usually I hate totes, but this tote was coming with me. Definitely at that price. I wore these cropped pants from Torrid. Kinda Mc Hammer styled pants. Almost like capris just very loose and soft fabric. This is my average look. I like this look. Kinda manly in a way. Whatever you want to call it.

Glee last night was awesome. I named my post after the song that struck me the most. It was redone on the show. This girl on the show did the song by James Brown called Its A Mans World. When she sung it, it struck me and moved the shit out of me. Hearing a woman sing that song was something else. Because hearing her sing the words shows how much power a man has. I had no idea. Men have so much power over our hearts. They do. The hardest women crack over a man. The smartest woman turns dumb over a man. I see things different then your average person..I see a deeper shade then the rest. But it moved me. It kind of almost made me sad and unhappy. Made me feel kinda blue.
listen to her version...Its beautiful...


  1. That Gaga bag is something fierce. I love your dreads btw.

  2. i love the shirt and the bag :)

  3. You look great! I love the jacket. xo