Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Expectations 101: Too Make Them Proud

My meds are finally working. Finally is not the word. Bout damn time. Thank god Glee comes on tonight. Glee makes me happy. I am late to the Glee craze. Im listening to some of the Glee cast from Itunes. Its cloudy outside, like it is actually going to rain in southern california. Feel a mess, I will be okay though. I am going threw "expectations 101" with myself. I would go into it but this person that hates me still stalks my blog like a weirdo. So I will keep this to myself. The person actually thinks I don't have a clue when I really do. But because I am a dramatic attention seeking monster I kind of get off on it. Because you know how I love obsession, so keep me happy. I let this person know what I want them to know... this person likes to keep their hands.....shall I say..clean...
Any way...

If you really wanna know email me (mizztia18@yahoo.com), I will tell you :)

I just got off the phone with Rose. I need to take more meds. I finally got my book that I ordered. Its called Fortune. Another recommendation by Roses friend Charles. Rose is already on chapter 4. I need to catch up.

How fierce is M.I.A! I hope she is coming out with another album soon. I loved her last one. Check her out in Complex
Shes so hot.

So I have been drawing more. Thanks to someone named anonymous! Some wrote on one of my post saying they lurk my blog from time to time and they like my drawings. That made me pumped so I started drawing this. LOL! So this person basically just inspired this. So if your reading this you inspired this drawing..like seriously. There is something about tattoo girls I love. Its sexy and unexpected fro a woman to be all drawn. That why I love Kat Von D, who doesn't though. So I am not don't but here is half of it. See, followers and lurkers inspire me as well.

Check It Out. I put some swanky outfits together on my own. I always show what others make so I decided to do my own. I do not want to show a collage of clothes, I just want to show the shit I would buy in a heart beat if I was a 250 million dollar millionaire.

Think Pink:

Filled with items from Betsey Johnson and Juicy Couture. Loving the shoes. See I am a person when I like to "do it up" I like to break out the colors. The pinks, the purples, the bright blues. How bad ass are those damn earrings?

Most Wanted Item: The feather bag....*sigh
Deranged & Strange:

I can't get over goth/emo/punk looking stuff. I'm sorry, I can't. Right now I am doing this whole boho african beat look and I am trying to stick with it because it looks super cool on me. But if I just so happened to walk into a skull bone encrusted diamond tee...it is fucking...mine!

Most Wanted Item: the red oxfords

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