Friday, May 28, 2010

Team Hoe Cuz I Seriously Don't Know...o_O

There is like 36 or 35 days until this movie comes out. I might be wrong but sounds like its right around the corner. Hopefully things go as planned. This could go really good or really bad. But either way I will try to make the most out of the situation. I waited so long for this damn movie to come out. This is by far my favorite book out of the series. The last book I actually hated. But that was because the...well....never-mind. I do not want to ruin it for those who have not read it. But I hated the last book, it took me forever to finish it even when I bought it. When I finally finished it, I heard Twilight was in the works for a movie make. Yeah, I am a true fan. Did not hop on the movies first. Which is not a total bad thing, the movies rock. Its so hard to find a Twi-hard..yet there so many because that book made billions...there are under cover Twi-hards around...*sniff sniff*

I am gonna look like a total idiot at the premiere I swear. I will be wearing my Twilight hoodie and shirt from Hot Topic of course. But If I had mula like the rich fuckers that live an hour away from me..........o_O ...YES YOU L.A. PEOPLE!

But if I was there It would be between these two.

  • The Bella Look:
Of course Bella would not dress like this, that plain jane girl. But I would gear up my Bella look with the actual jacket from the movie, some distressed jeans, and some rugged boots. Pretty cute and stylish look. Nothing fancy. Nude lips and nails....the whole plain jane Forks High-school style...
  • Team Edward
If I had the mula I would rock this. I am truly team Edward. I think? I would rock purple and rock those shoes. How hot....My fav is the humming bird earrings!
  • Team Jake
Ohh Jake. I think I am more attracted to Jacob. But who knows. I think I just want him sexually. Yet, I want Edward emotionally. Naw...thats not it. I have no clue why I would rock red. Maybe because I wanna f&%$# the guy. So the hot pumps and the cool ass bag (who make that bag???) You have to top it off with the feather necklace..keep it wolf style...

So like I said, I do not know what actual Team I am on. I like them both. I have not met anyone who likes both at the same time. Anyway, here are some pictures of the cast. Sorry you guys have to endure my dorkness...I am just really excited.

o_O...*sigh* jealousy
awww!!!! Yay!
she is cute sometimes I swear...
hot damn.....*shakes head*
as Rose would say.."Two holes if your nasty.." wink wink!

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  1. omg kstew has WRECKED the whole series for me....
    i know one thing for sure...


    i hate edward :P

    cool post! love the pictures!