Sunday, May 9, 2010

Runaway Sunday

I finally saw the god damn Runaways! I have been wanting to see that for so long and finally today out of luck I saw it! I was riding down by Encinitas with Greg and saw the movie sign for it. The theatre was very old and antique looking. Very aged and the ceiling was peeling off. I loved it. The screen even had the old time lines in it like an actual aged film. It was epic, I was so into the whole theme of the place. So anyway, we went inside and got popcorn and some Monster drinks and watch the movie. The movie was just, fantastic. Dakota was rocking the shit as Cheri and Kirsten...Oh man Kirsten..... was just an actress. She is amazing as Joan Jett. She growled like Joan, she screamed like Joan. Even signed her name on the contract with her left hand just like Joan. Wow that movie was good. It made me feel something.
The movie is basically about rocker punk girls without a place in the world finding their love in sex, drugs and rock and roll. I am buying the shit out of the dvd when it comes out. The movie just said "Rebel" all over it. It made me feel....I can't even tell you..........It made me want to run down the street and kick trash cans and yell in a persons face. I felt free. I felt like I was one of the Runaways. It made me love life. It made me love myself and my friends. It made me happy for some odd reason..

Amazing movie.

Also I am guessing Kirsten was playing a lesbian, or whatever. I am not into girls but, Kirsten was pretty darn sexy. She held her own. She just screamed sex. Wow man...

I took a lot of photos today. I felt very artsy and photog-like even though I am not. I would love a nice canon camera. Like the nice real ones. I always seem to break cameras so maybe thats a no go. Today was great. Tomorrow starts a whole new week. I will have some fashion post up. I have a couple of pants I have not shown.

Man that movie was grand.

It reminded me of my friends. It reminded me of my best friend. How she is so direct and cool about everything. She never freaks out. Always honest and tells me shit to me face. Just a real chick. I watched how the band fell apart. How friendships crashed and burned. How some of the Runaways still till this day does not talk at all. All over some dumb shit. I can't hold shit like that. I just can't. I can't hate someone for eternity if they piss me off. I just think of it as a lesson learned. I met this person for a reason.
What am I saying...
I'm an asshole, I hold grudges and laugh at people who think Im a douche lord. I'm not as nice as I use to be. Rose taught me that. She is coming to Cali in do time!

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