Monday, May 10, 2010

I Want Leopard Skin Tattooed On Me

I really want a leopard skin tattoo. It sounds crazy. Because for one, I am black. Everyone thinks that because I am a black girl and not an emo pale chick it would not look right. I guess? I mean I rather honesty then people just shaking there head yes. The only thing holding me back is the fact I will be a mom. Not saying that moms do not have tattoos. I have 7 already and I knew other moms with tats as well. But I have got my first real "dealing with art" job yet. I want to be smart about this. After I finally pass all these maths *sigh* I will be most likely working for a Graphic Design Agency. I could never freelance..I just could not. But I have been to the actual jobs and have met interns who work at these Graphic Design jobs. I am not sure if I could pull off a leopard arm. I do not want it all over my arm. just on my inner arm like the picture. I drew on myself to see how it would look. I like it.
Now. You have to remember. People get tattoos for meaningful reasons. Well...some do. Other just want one just to have one. But I am one of those people who like meaning in my tats. So yes, I do have a strong reason for why I want...spots. It is kind of deep and sensitive. It has alot to do with how I grew up. And it will mean alot. Its an image issue. Something I use to go through, and don't anymore.
Basically. There are people who will automatically look at me and automatically call me ugly. Period. Maybe not now these days but, there are human beings who I love and adore and I know for a fact they think I am ugly because of certain aspects of myself. I am not talking just about weight....I am talking about other things as well. Even friends who are close to me, I can tell think I am a...non-attractive person for...a certain reason. I am not dumb. I am not an idiot. It is a very deep subject. But bottom line. I would love the spots to represent something. I might not get I said...I have adult-hood and jobs all around me...
Something tells me I should get it. Yet. I do not know. Give me your opinion. Even if you think its fucking dumb, lemme no. I love anything my followers say. Even if someone says "Bitch are you crazy??Dont get that shit!"....LOL! Honesty rocks!! Give me your opinion...


  1. ooo I always wanted a little bit of leopard print on my back. I think it would be nice on you!

  2. Hmm, I think it could go either way. They'd have to be super defined, or they could end up looking like you had an arm rash, ya know?

  3. Oh, and I feel the same about some people seeing me as unattractive for a specific certain reason because I've definitely seen the surprise in their eyes when they see how others react to me. I be pullin' hoes son! LOL, j/k j/k.

  4. Thankz Tasha! I think i might just do the damn thing.

    @Its Just Me Yeah, it goes down to some personal reasons. I think you totaly get what I am trying to say. And thats another reason why I am scared too. because i dont want it to look like i got a rash

  5. I think you should go for it - it means something to you and it looks pretty cool. Like 'It's Just Me' says though, they would have to be defined well, but maybe there are some photos from tattoo parlours of people with leopard tattoos with dark skin? Its worth having a look and asking around :) Sorry, I know nothing about tattoos, just my two cents! :)

  6. Hi,
    I'm a black chick and I too am going to get a leopard tattoo on my shoulder! I think that it is so sexy! You should so do it! you would hard out suit it!
    <3 Fijigurl

  7. are you kidding i think it would look adorable on you! i havent seen it on black skin yet but i think it would good, and maybe even better than on white skin! im white and am also wanting to get a leopard print tattoo! i say do it girl! just keep it on your arm so you can cover it well incase you get a job in the future that doesnt allow tattoos!

    (: Britttt