Monday, January 4, 2010

Wash Me Out In Tie Dye Baby: Case of the Mondayz

Well like I said, I am keeping the shoes. If you watch my videos I am sure you know what I am talking about. So why am I keeping them. Well, because I like them alot. Lol! I just can't wear them all the time, because I am not a punk chick, I dress punk from time to time though. The thing is that these are shoes that I feel that I should own. I feel complete with a pair in my closet. Its like buying medication for your bathroom cabinet, like Advil and just have it in the cabinet just in case. Thats what I feel about these boots. I don't need them...but you never know.
So I got this awesome washed out shirt from Torrid. But of course, cheap ass rip off Torrid, the chain connected to the shirt fell off. And I paid hella money for this shirt. But anywho.... heres the outfit for the day...going off into the streets :)

Hat: Torrid
Shirt: Torrid......(the chain on it fell off..)
Jeans: The Project
Boots: Journeyz
Necklace: F21

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