Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Splash Of Pink And A Ton Of Black Ink

Maybe I have been watching too much Lady Gaga videos. Because I am obsessed with bows! I found a scarf on sale at Hot Topic, I must admit I thought it would cost more. But I only paid 7 dollars for it. Im so in love with it. It is kinda dumb that I bought it, because when I take it back to Cali, I will never wear that fucking scarf again. But I had to get it, you can not beat 7 dollars for that scarf. I also bought the Hello Kitty pins for about 1.99 each. That shit adds up, but I like the nerd hello kitty, it reminds me of me. I have dark rimmed glasses and so does she, pretty cool! This look is very harajuku to me...only because its alot of accesories in this look. I loves it.
Im falling hard for pink, watch out purple....

Blazer: Torrid
Scarf: Hot Topic
Buttons: Hot Topic
Hat: The Icing
Earrings: Up Against The Wall

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