Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Is Ending: So Long Issues I Don't Wanna Deal With!!!

Okay, I so have been slacking off just a little with my fashion post. But I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day. Im trying to get a OBGYN appointment but because Im military it os very difficult. I mean, no one really accepts my military insurence around here...sorry I spelt insurence wrong...fuck it. But no one takes Tricare! I would go on base but I can't because I got the kinda health care that I have to go off-base. What a hassel! All I ant is my fucking birth control! I was about to say screw it and just not take them anymore, but for what...to have a baby? Nawww...no way, not now. I like my freedom, married or not. Oh what the fuck. But apparently I found someone who takes it, we will see. It is liable to fuck up. I really need birth control though.....I mean Im seeing my husband after 8 months of being apart in about 2 months.....I NEED Birth Control!!!!!!!

Any who, life here is going slow but good. I guess I could say it is going fast. I guess it is. After this week it will be February. Then March, then April I will be leaving.....*sigh*

Away from semi-bullshit....into the arms of love, sex and black magic....

So I gonna try and make this time go fast by not worring about other peoples problems....because in 2 1/2 months it will not be my issue.
I will have my own....
I can not wait....
Lets Go!!!!!!