Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laying In Bed With A Mad Hatter

Im mad. Im going mad. Actually. I do not know how I feel. I have mixed emotions right now. Have you ever felt like you did not belong somewhere? Thats where I am. I feel like I do not belong. Or that I am alone. One of those thing where your alone in a crowded room type thing. I feel empty but not empty. It may be that I am missing my husband. I am getting no affection. No hugs. No kisses. No anything. I have to sit back and watch my friends get it. I know. I know. I am married and all that junk and should be happy I even have someone; which I am. But watching everyone hold hands and become couples while I sit here waiting on a email is very annoying. I hate it. It puts me in a fowl mood. Im trying to stay positive. I just have to tell myself that in 2 1/2 months I will be home with my husband...again. No more this horrible feeling of emptiness. Im closer then I ever been in my life. Before I had months in front of me. Now I only have two, which will fly by. I just need to stay positive. February is short. March is long. But then it will be just one month left. Then Im on a plane to Cali. On a plane to happiness.
" "Whatever your religion. Pray for me you guys..."

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