Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Its Just A Tee-Shirt

Over the weekend like I said, I bought many tee-shirts. Sales were everywhere! Yippie Skippi! So I went to Target and I found both of the animal print shirts for 4 dollars, and they are originally 20 dollars! How awesome. They are pretty see through, but thats okay. Im gonna be wearing them mainly in California when I move back home. Im so happy that I can actually say that. Say that I do not live here. My mom gets on my nerves on the daily. Today she told me I need to get a job and stuff. Hinting that I don't have much to do. I keep telling the dumb dumb that I will once I get back to my "real" home in California. She shuts up then. Thank god for being married and having a husband, what a escape. She got quiet after that..

1.) So this shirt was from Target, only 4 dollars, its I had to have it.
2.) This is also from Target, 4 dollars, very very see through but I'll make it work...
3.) This shirt was from Torrid. I love it, pretty casual....only 12 dollars, and thats good cause you know how Torrid be...(expensive)
When I get back to Cali, I know I wont be able to shop like this again. Maybe when we do taxes but thats it. So Ima enjoy it now, spending 200 here and 150 there....I'll live the dream now, and deal with reality a lil later....

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