Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Continum: Atmospheres and Vultures

You ever have a moment when a song comes on you remember something or someone. As soon as the tune is played, not even the words. And the song has nothing really to do with your situation, but It reminds you of it, just by tone, and the sounds of the guitars....

John Mayers song "In Your Atmosphere" takes me to another world.....this song is about a break up and the guy is not with her anymore, and he doesnt wanna go to L.A. anymore cause he know he will see her.. And near the end he explains how we sees here everywhere (this is about Jennifer Aniston...sorry John, I so decoded this song...) but anyway, this song reminds me of Greg alot. But it has nothing to do with my situation...lol!
I guess that happens.
I put this song on my "Song to have sex too" playlist.
because when me and him are "together" I wanna hear this....I know Im going to cry when I listen to it around him, because I always heard this song and thought of him when he was away. And when hes here with me finally, and we can be together, and this song plays....
But yeah,
I have a sex playlist....I think everyone should have one...
So anywho, it is Tuseday. Time seems to be going slow, but maybe because I am focused on one thing...I need to get my mind off one thing and deal with other things, like my "Fuck Valentines Day" party I am having, and I should be going to New York soon with my ladies..Rose and Brit. I need to keep busy otherwise my head goes psycho bob..
Also, I talked to Rose about my current problem with thoughts about Greg leaving the military or me being able to stand another deployment....and heres what she said...
"Tia, would you rather Greg be back working at Mcdonalds again, or the Junkyard...No you don't, you complained about it then, now this dudes making real money. It is called sacrifice...now shut up bitch and stop crying all the damn time.." Rose Plater

Loves her... :)


  1. I love that dress with the boots and how cute is your dog! Aww :)

  2. Yay! thanx alot....yeah that dog is a bad ass...lol