Sunday, January 3, 2010

Distressed Jeanz & Mean Torrid Beadz

I went shopping, obviously...
And I got so much stuff over the new years break and christmas time. Sales? Not so much.But I spent money like a crazy woman. What I do best. So I saw this shirt in torrid and the neckless is attached to the shirt. The shirt was about 38 dollars. Im a military broad so I got a discount. But either was It was worth it. Torrid's sale kinda sucked, I still ended up dropping 100 dollars there..which is nothing new to me. But The jeans are from Marshalls. I think they are kinda tight. But they have no stretch, but the jeans where free. Lol! My dad bought them for me. They still fit, but if I sit down you will see crack.

shirt from and jeans from L.E.I. Marshells

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