Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Top 10 Chunky Funky Famous Chicks

Ten all the way down to number one. Here is my all time favorite people that let me know that being my size is okay and not that bad. Even though shopping is a challenge here and there and people will never truly see you as "pretty" considering Americas standards. Trust me, my mom lets me know that all the time. But these chicks are my favorite. And no, I did not include Beth Ditto because for one, its expected, and two, I only found out about her because I found all these Fat Acceptance blogs. So me reaping her would be fake, because I just found out about her.

10.) America Ferrera

America was in one for the best movies ever called "Real Women Have Curves". She was amazing in it, and I think all women should see that movie. I really would not consider her plus size these days because she actually lost a lot of weight. But she is still a great woman who is my age who I look up to. Beautiful latina girl.

9.) Raven Symone

I love the fact that Raven Symone is a plus sized girl! I love that! Her boobs are like cannons and I think people expected her to be skinny and to fall into hollywood standards. I love her!

8.) Meghan McCain

Yeah, she is a republican. And she is John McCains daughter. And yes, I voted for Obama. But I like the fact she is comfy in her own skin. Our views are totally different I am sure. But Im sure we have the same views on body image. People in magazines called her fat and made jokes but she never lets it bother her. I first saw her on The View and noticed that she was very confident and poised. I like her a lot, plus her boobs are sick!

7.) Mia Tyler

To be honest. She would have been my number one because she has spunk and she doesn't take shit. But she kinda hideS from the lime light a lot. So I do not know too much about Mia. I think she is very sexy though. She would be someone on my gay list. Chicks I'd like to F$%&*! Her face is so pretty to me as a plus size Angelina Jolie

6.) Toccara Jones

She is from Americas Next Top Model. She actually lost a lot of weight. She was very confident on the show and was all about herself. I love cocky big girls, because you can not tell them they ain't cute. And she is one of them. My husband Greg think she is Gods gift to the world, he literally drouls over her, can not blame him.

5.) Jennifer Hudson

Now we are in the top five. Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls blew me away. I always cry on the part where she is singing to Jamie Foxx not to leave her. If you been in love, you understand. She played the hell outta Effie. I love Jennifer alot! She thick, happily married and is having babies.....she is right where I would like to be.

4.) Pinky The Pornstar

I watch porn. And I have to say that Pinky is awesome. Not because she does porn but she puts a lot of smaller women to shame and she is cool with being a big girl. Sometimes watching thick chicks have sex makes you even more comfortable with yourself. Believe it or not. Lol! I love Pinky! Big fan! You guys should check her website.

3.) Marilyn Monroe

I think it is funny that alot of very small women and even friends of mine idolize her. Not knowing that she was a size 14. I knew a friend of a friend who was very tiny and she said she thought big girls were gross, but yet she idolized Marilyn Monroe...who was a plus size...what a dumby. But anyway, I think it is awesome that one of the most sexiest women in the world was sized.

2.) Gabby Sidibae

My number two. She has so much confidence that it puts most girls to shame. And I do not know how she does it. I know she gets told many evil things because of her size. But you can honestly tell she doesn't care. You can tell that Gabby thinks she is the shit, which is so fucking awesome. I'd pay to see life the way she does.

1.) Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is my number one favorite plus sized girl. I have been a Kelly Osbourne fan since high school. She is thick in a lot of places and she seems to loose weight and gain it back a lot. But her fashion is so punk. She always looks glam to me. She does no wrong in my eyes. Loves her! Plus I got all her cd's....

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