Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feathers and Pleathers

Im wearing a dress. Who saw this coming. Not me. This dress is actually from this store in California called Papaya. It is a plus size store. I love it! I use to go there all the time back home in California. It is located in San Diego, Fashion Valley Mall. But I had the dress for a while and its very close fitting. The neckless was actually attached to this shirt from Torrid. I just took it off and put it on. Looks great with it. Plus, Im am trying to fall in love with my body. From the pictures I don't look that bad.

Dress: Papaya
Boots: Torrid
Blazer: Torrid
Neckless: Torrid


  1. Girl...You look so fly in that dress! I think dresses should become an important part of your wardrobe!!

  2. thanx girl...i be think my but looks to! but now you gave me a great idea! more dresses!

  3. you know peple are paying good money for glad you got yours for free lol