Sunday, January 3, 2010

Try Sleepin Wit A Broken Heart: 2010

We'll I had a horrible New Years but an awesome weekend. Im am actually keeping the boots. There is no way I am going all the way back to Annapolis Mall, Maryland to return these. Im a have to make them work. I can not believe I am over them in a matter of hours. I guess thats what you call mad shopping...which is shopping when you are upset. So 100 dollars of my money is gone. Wasted into some shoes I will not wear out, but maybe like 3 times. Thats the life of a compulsive shopper. I just have to money and the balls to admit it. I am still going to wear them. I have no choice. I notice myself falling back into the punk look. I see me rockin these in California verses Maryland....Cali people rawk boots believe it or not. So anyway, the verdicts in, the boots stay.

I have no new years resolution at all. I have gave up losing weight because I love food. I figure my goal for this year is to get through this deployment time with my husband. I can tell I am getting sadder even though the time is drawing closer. I live a lie in my house. Since staying with my parents I have been on a special "diet" and I am "losing weight". I feel horrible about this terrible double life but I keep it up while I am here in Maryland so that I cause no friction in the house. Yes, me being a size 20 is considered a this house. My mom swears on everything my sex life will improve once I lose about 20 pounds. I dunno. My husband Greg married me at a 22 and he was having a blast...literally....*ahem*

Tomorrow I am going to have fun with my fashion....More or less

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