Monday, January 4, 2010

January Is Here: The Space Between....

I am realizing day by day that I am pretty selfish. But I have an excuse, I am an only child, and I tend to get attached to things very easily, and people. I can't even believe it is January. Time is going fast yet I have a while too go. April 18th I will be going back to California to be with my husband again. I seems unreal. Thinking about it in my head makes my eyes water. I can not wait for that day to come. Speaking of leaving, I have alot of clothes to pack. I came to Maryland with 3 pairs of pants, one pair of shoes and five tee shirts. I will be leaving with 10 shoes, 9 pairs of pants and at least 20 shirts....and I am not lying. This is why I started this blog. Because for one, I am plus size and want to show people its not that bad being "big", and two is because my passion is fashion. And I own alot of clothes. I got a email the other day from a chick named Tegan and she asked what did I do. And to be honest, I don't do much.
I never grew up poor. My mom is a kindergarden teacher and a personal trainer. Then theres my dad, and he is a computer engineer. Yeah, thats big money. I grew up in Maryland and never had to struggle for anything, and to make matters worst, I am a daddy's girl. So the bulk of my money comes from just being a daughter. Back in Cali Im a full-time Graphic Design student. But yes, to answer Tegan's question, Im a college student. And thats all....

Well, my mom is back in school and now I do not have her on my back anymore. Everyone is back to work. Thank God! My mom was gonna drive me crazy.

Wow. It is like one in the morning. I am not sleepy at all.
Okay, so I have a double chin and it bothers the shit outta me. I would be fine with everything else about myself but it makes me look god awful. Eww. I wish there was a face excerise that I could use. I hate it. Im such a confused one. But I do find myself falling more in love with my body parts more. Looking at such sites like HeyFatChick and fuckyeahchubbygirls I am starting to embrace myself. But I guess it is natural to still find some imperfections. It is a start right?
People always think that since I take so many pictures of myself that I am all about myself, so not true. I think I just like taking pictures. I guess I need to just let life be.
"The Space Between,The wicked lies we tell, And hope to keep us safe from the pain......Will I hold you again?"
Dave Matthews Band

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