Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lets Get Lost

You know, I was trying to express myself through art alot this summer and I just could not find my nitch. I did everything. I drew everything. But even when I sat down and drew I did not feel like I completely escaped from anything. I want to feel like I went somewhere else. I wanted to feel like I was in another world of my own. But drawing what I felt never really felt like an escape for me. As well as I draw, its just not an escape. Its more of something fun to do and create, not necessary an escape to another world. But that was what I wanted. So I instead I started reading. I got into a bit more Vampire books and started journeying into another world that way. So one night when I was reading this book called The Last Vampire, I stopped. I thought.."hey, why don't I start writing?" Not as in stories or anything, but just write and see what I come up with. Why not? So I did.
Writing is my new found way of escaping these days. I realized I have a huge imagination. I find myself living in these places that I write about. I could go to the boardwalk or go grocery shopping and think about the people I created. Thats what I wanted to do with drawing. But it just never happened that way. Im writing short stories alot of the time which is fun. I read them over and feel like this is such a joke and I should stop. But I guess I don't because its fun. Im falling in love with it. I create places and people that are so different and yet so the same as me.
So yeah, I read my stuff alot and correct all the misspelled stuff. Sometimes I laugh at myself because I am shocked this has become a hobby of mine. I get so weird with it as well. I read my stories and feel like this is so dumb or that the characters are so far fetched. Im my worst critic I guess. I feel like I am sucking the fun out of my new found hobby. I wish I would stop it but I have no self control. This post will mainly be about me, not fashion right now. I love expressing who I am and I love getting lost in myself.

Top Movies Of The Summer:
1.) Eclispe
2.) The Last Airbender
3.) Salt
4.) Karate Kid
5.) The Runaways
Top Favorite Artist:
1.) Lady Gaga (duh)
2.) Nicki Minaj
3.) Drake
4.) Taylor Swift
5.) John Mayer
My Top Favorite Indie Songs:
1.) Lets Get Lost - Eclispe Soundtrack
2.) High Road - Broken Bells
3.) Airplanes - Local Natives
4.) Anything by Sia
5.) Letters From The Sky - Civil Twilight

(download these song if you like Coldplay type music)

My Top Favorite Hip-Hop Songs:
1.) Unstoppable - Drake
2.) Massive Attack - Nicki Minaj
3.) On To The Next One - Jay Z
4.) Im Back - T.I
5.) Anything Lil Wayne

(if you hate rap, do not download these)
My Top Men I Want To Bang:
1.) Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black)
2.) Robert Pattinson (Edward...sorry baby..jakes abs were ridiculous...)
3.)Lil Wayne
4.) Jasper from Twilight..(picture is bellow, HOT DAMN!)
5.) Drake
My Top Things I Collect:
1.) Hello Kitty
2.) Urban Decay
3.) Betsy Johnson bags
4.) Huge Earrings
5.) Yankee Candles.
My Top Guilty Pleasure Songs:
1.) Anything Taylor Swift
2.) Cant Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
3.) You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall& Oats
4.) Anything by Britney Spears
5. Pretty Boy Swag - - Soulja Boy

Did anyone see Eclipse yet? Talk about an underwear changer...
Dear Taylor Lautner....
You look so god damn good. I know you like white women, but can you make an acception?
I know I am not skinny as Taylor Swift but Taylor believe me, you need to branch out. I think you need a woman with love handles. Taylor you need a woman, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are girls Tay. I need you to hear me out. Your body is sick, you will kill those disney skinny girls. You need a thick woman that can handle the ride....
Love, Tia

(this is sad I know....but I am serious....)

Look at him staring....what a perv....i love it...

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  1. Writing? That's fantastic Tia! Oh my god, I have to read them! Do you have a particular genre or do you write about anything? If they are really good you could think about selling them to magazines for extra income.