Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sexual Chocolate: In The Mood

I want to have condom-less sex with him. I want to bathe him. I want to run my finger threw his dark hair. I want to imagine myself in the shower with him and him actually wanting my thick ass. I know. I know. He is into Taylor Swift who is white and skinny, I am so not even close to the description. He needs a woman not a girl. God what a hunk. I am so becoming Team Jacob right now, especially over this damn picture. Look at him. I am such a perv. I am married but I know Greg looks at other chicks because...well....hes a guy! Duh! And this piece of me is so eye candy to my soul! God damn he looks good. This made my day. Sorry for the no clothes updates. I am busy being all lovey dovey with Greggie. I will try my best to post tomorrow. I am also gonna make a video. I so am down for Taylor Lautner right now...they guy above. So damn hot. I just need two minutes.
You should see my face right now. He is damn hot. I wonder if he likes black chicks. I hope he does not think we are all ghetto and loud, so not true. Im a pussy cat. Rawr! Heres some other I can not resist. *sigh*

Lupe Fiasco

I love him. You guys should download his album The Cool.
Its very good. He is so sexy. He is not Taylor Lautner, but I would date him more then
just bang know?

Travis McCoy

Katy Perry...unless he cheated...why did you leave him!
Hot as hell!
I love them tall, tattooed...and piecered....


Yep. I would go gay.

Nicki Minaj

Yep. I would defiantly would go gay.

Kat Von D

I would not bang Kat I do not think.
She just seems real cool to kick it with...honestly..
Look how pretty she is.

Trey Songz

I would not bang Trey. But I think Rose would like this.
He has great music and he is attractive, but too pretty for me.
I like a dose of ugly in my men.


You can tell there assholes.....But they could get. I'll admit it


Drizzy! Anyone get his album yet? I have not yet. To be honest..I would date him.
You can tell he has a way with words. Did you guys hear about him and Rihanna?
Apparently them two was kinda exclusive until she cut it off....


  1. so your list kinda just gave me life cause it was practically the same (except insert kid cudi instead of lupe and i would totally do trey!).

  2. lol@ i like a touch of ugly. When I seen new moon, i was all loud in the theater like DAMN JAKE! Lupe has a hot bod, i'd hit. Trey is really a big flirt, he even flirted with me. Everything was yeah baby this baby that baby you alright baby, him and Neyo. And all we did was take a damn picture. I can tell Drake has a small penis, i cant get with it.