Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fancy: Lettem No Everythang Did, Nail Done, Hair Done, Everythang Did

I finally got Gaga-like shades. I saw them at Hot Topic and my mouth dropped open. It had to buy it right away, I felt I had no choice. They had gold which I wish I got now. The funny part is I wear my glasses all the time, but I still bought these. It was one of those things I had to buy. And I love them! I love the picture with Greg behind me. He always has to be a complete goof in all my pictures, I rarely get one of him just being normal. This is so his personality. He has a birthday coming up by the way.

So the top is from Hot Topic and the leggings are from Torrid. The Torrid leggings have that awesome zipper on the side. My faux jacket is from TJ Maxx and my shoes are a gift from the hubbers. It won't be hard finding these shoes, there Pastries. Which is in every shoe store known to man. I love colorful shoes and I rarely show mine. So this should be a good post.


  1. Looking hot in your sunglasses!! I like the leggings too!

  2. very cute outfit, i love the shades and the shoes...they're rad.