Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bitch Its Vintage! Nicki, Jaden, & The Baddest Redbone Ever

My back hurts. I think my kidneys hurt. Or maybe I pulled something because its like a real bad cramp in my damn back. It doesn't not hurt but its like a strain. It is making me lazy and makes me not want to clean my place. It hurts a bit. The sucky thing about being me I can not tell if I am being Dramatic or if there is something wrong with me. Usually cramps like this would go away but I guess not. It feels more like a cramp, and its only on one side. Makes me not wanna get up and do stuff.
So get this. My lunatic neighbor next door finally moved out, he use tp blast the music up so damn load. Now he is finally gone. NOW, the fuckers below me have the bass so damn LOUD! What the hell! So annoying! Who has stereos anymore? Doesnt everyone have damn ihome? Or just play itunes on your damn pc or mac! Its like 2010! What the hell!
So annoyed!
Why do I have to feel your base through my DAMN FLOOOOOOOOR!

Im being a dick. Maybe its because my back is cramping something fierce and I know eventually I have to call my damn doctor for an appointment. I hate the god damn doctor. Hopefully this will just go away but I can tell from where the pain is at its not. It literally came out of nowhere. Well..could be worst...I could have a UTI. Which is when it burns when you pee, thats hell on earth...

My dad got his Fathers Day gift and he was super happy! He got it super fast! Fathers Day is sunday. I expected saturday. He sounded so happy. When I was very very little, I'll say like four. Me and my pops would watch this really old Mel Brooks film called Young Frankenstein. Its a dark comedy and I remember being four or five, and me and dad would laugh so much and quote the lines from the movie for days on in. I still remember that till this day. So like, last week my dad sent me money for a blue-ray player which was freakin awesome. He got one for himself and he thought I should have one too. So for fathers day, I found Young Frankenstein on blue ray! After all these years! They actually have that old ass movie on blue ray! So of course I bought it. My dad left a message on my phone saying a quote from the movie when he got the gift in the funny! I love my dad so much.

He was the main and only one who ever accepted me for who I was. Love you dad!

Travis McCoy & Katy Perry
He is so sexy. I want that.

I need to hang out with this chick...we have alot in common

Jayden Smith

Did anyone see Karate Kid yet? Amazing....

Angela & Vanessa
Id love to see these good girls go bad...

cute dress...

Love it

The Baddest Redbone Ever: Amber Fucking Rose

God I love her! She is so hot and sexy. I am feeling her so much! She did a photoshoot channeling Miss Marilyn Monroe. Damn she looks good. I have a thing for this woman I swear.
Ummmmm...apparently Nicki Minaj claims she likes only men. Bullshit Nicki!


  1. Liked the new Karate Kid
    But the first one was the best :-)

    I think Jayden Smith needs an haircut to look more like his dad :-P

  2. Holy shit I love young frankenstein. Me my dad and my mother used to watch it alot. we love Mel Brooks movies. I love it when they do Puttin' on the Ritz.

  3. I love this collection pics! :D

    i love angela and vanessa simmons..they are such great role models for women and are soo oadorable and have such a great style!!

    i also love amber rose...she is FIERCE!

    and omf will smiths son is such a CUTIE!!

    and for the UTI...i hear WATER! drink tons of it! :D

    its the cure for everything ahahah! :D

    I hope you feel better girl! :D

    sending you get well prayers!

    -Sarah m