Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leave Nicki Alone! & Thingz I Crave Section!

Why does everyone hate Nicki Minaj? I am confused. I know more people who hate her than love her. It is pretty strange and I do not get it. I understand how the whole Barbie Movement could be annoying yet I do not know? She is not that bad. I do think lyrically she is a monster hands down. I am not a hip hop head, but when I was young I was. I listened to Lil Kim, Eve, Foxy Brown and Da Brat. I am not a total blonde when it comes to rap music. But none of those rappers was anything special to me. They just were not.

I could care less who Lil Kim's oral fixation or did I care about Da Brat being..I don't know...I really don't know what she was about. Eve was just an actress who got picked to be a Ruff Ryder and there was no acting gigs so she became a rapper. I am not stupid.

But Nicki, she commands my attention. I love her lyrics about Mac make-up and her gluing her weave in. She does not talk about "oral sex" and all that shit Lil Kim yaks about. I don;t want to hear that shit. I think she has talent and I am surprized a lot of females cant stand her right now. Honestly I feel she is the best thing out, ever out. Hand down. Finally I said it. And I stand by that. I love her look, her style her rhymes, she is all woman and she makes me feel great. I really do not get why people can't stand her. She is so out of the norm.

Basically Lil Kim hates her and has been calling her out for not giving her props. o_O

What the hell!

She should be giving her props! Where the fuck has Lil Kim been anyway? Dancing with the mother-fucking Stars? What the hell! I think that is such a hater move. Why are you doing that? Its soo not cool. Why can't we as chicks support each other, we always gotta bring one chick down and fuck with them. Lil Kim is like 50 years old, grow up. Be happy a new broad is in the game representing. Geez! What a hater! I hate haters! They suck so bad. I hate it. Its so annoying....

If anyone one could give me a real reason why they can't stand her I am willing to listen and hear anyone out. I just really do not get it.
Look how fly Will Smith and Jada Pinketts daughter Willow is. I love her. She is so fashion forward and she looks amazing. I love her Rihanna look! If I have a daughter like this I will be in heaven! So Cute!
Glee is over....*sigh*

So here some of the fashion I ran into this week while looking on other sites and other fashion mags online. Inspired me to draw alot this week. I am going hard on my sketch pad. Thank you to those who liked my art work. It is so nice hearing nice feedback. So yeah, I love these pictures and I thought I would share.

Loves it!

maybe I should go red...its working for these chicks....
she looks cute...thats all
smexy! :)
Here are some wants of mine but because I am not a billionaire I can not purchase these expensive ass things..but I can dream..:)

1.) Combatz: All I want in life is a nice combat boot. I mean is it so much to ask. Why can't I buy a nice knock-off pair? What the hell?
2.) Oxfords: These literally make me wanna cry. Why can't I find these. I am more of an Oxford girl then a stiletto girl honestly.
3.) Cuffz: I want this. Nuff said.....o_O
4.) British Clutch: Have I posted this before? If not I want this....bad...
5.) Clog: What a shoe...

6.) Converse: What a shoe......says Tia all over it....:)


  1. I LOVE nicki! And I love all your wants! I need money! xx

  2. Wicked wisdom...have you ever heard of them? That is Jada Pinkett's Band. Loves it...
    Just saw Karate Kid too, and I was really happy at how it was. They did a lot of saluting to the old one. Jackie Chan even had a little waddle like Mr. Miyagi did.