Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beauty. Purdy. Dirty. Rich. Bitch.

Next week Eclipse will be out. I am Team Jacob right now, Im off Edward. Rose thinks its only time before I switch back to Edward. We shall see. You guys saw my wall paper on my Mac right? Scroll down and you will see why I am Team Jake right about now. His body is sick, I mean very sick. Look. I am sure most people are reading this are wondering why the fuck is Twilight worshiped so much. I will tell you. Well, at least my version. You will think I am sick, but, I do not want to lie to you. Okay, so here it is. For me, its something about a guy watching me sleep and being all under my wing. There is something about a guy your not suppose to be with. Especially when the guy wants to kill you but can't help but fall in love with you. Like I said, and let me make it clear...I read the books before the movies were even an idea. So I already put in my head what Edward and Jacob looked like. And then the movie came out and topped my vision of what they were suppose to look like. I can go on forever why I like it. Its not for everyone. But I understand.
So I am trying to go to sleep and I cant. I have no pictures to post of any outfits yet. I just can't shop the way I use too. I am back to living at my own apartment with bills. Its sucks. But I do have Greg back so it is worth it.I thought it would be cool to post a picture of me and my bestie when we were 13 years old. We met at 11 actually. Its a cool through back.
we both have extentions ...braids rocked back in the day..:)


Cool nails, where do they do stuff like this at? I would so get my nails done more if my nails ended up like this...
God I am in love with Rih Rih, since she dropped that douche she has been on a ten...
These shades are crazy...
and this is why I am so shaky about kids, because this will be my life. This picture. Very touching picture at that...its sad but its real life...

I want these...whats good Hot Topic..???

Rih on a date with Matt Kemp. I know Chris is shaking his head. She looks amazing. Fierce motherfucker looks fierce when she shops for cake!

I know a girl just like Cassie. She doesnt have to do anything in life but look the way she does, and she gets what she want...anything she wants....

I'd rock this with my fat hanging out...
what the fuck happened to Toccara and why are they saying in this ad shes plus size...? No Toccara, your not.
Good night....:)


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I love the pictures you post :)

  2. loving all these pictures!! xxx