Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sick And All: Drawing A Minaj & Listening To Drake

So I am doing this Nicki Minaj Tattoo one. I thought it would be cool to design a Nicki Minaj tattoo at 3 in the morning. Right now I am watching Set It Off, such a sad movie. I should not be watching this. Those chicks got greedy. If you have not seen Set It Off rent it. It is really good and very sad. It should have got a golden globe or something. Queen Latifah was so amazing. I am at the sad part right now. So anyway I am sketching out Miss Nicki not sure if I should color her skin or not. Like should I give her a wash skin tone? Ot should I not and leave her face alone. I am no way near done. Ooooh god! I am about to cry watching this movie....FUCK! Makes me miss Rose. Damn it. So fuckin sad. DAMN IT...I am depressed now. I need a time
Dont rent this movie if you have a tear jerker eye like I do.

Check out my cool ass color pencils. I love them! My girl Jackie should appreciate this! Hey Jackie! She reads this sometimes. But yeah, she draws as well, her pictures are on another level. Jackie can create shit in her head and have a whole story behind them. I remember back in college days I would just sit back and read her stories and read about her characters. Amazing artist and writer. I been trying to create my own character but its going slow.
Oh yeah so I am sick and I have been drinking soup and eating rice krispies all weekend. I am on so many meds. I have like kidney infection. I got brought into the ER on thursday and have been fucked up since. I have great pain meds though and I am doing better. I am still happy at the end of the day. I will have an even better post on Monday. More fashion and stuff. I have been sick..sorry ladies. I got a GREAT fourth of july outfit by the way...

Oxy is that you?
I miss Glee damn it! Look how beautiful Rachel looks...

look at this douche...i HATE HIM....

Remember when they ruled the world...Its scary how some children dont even know who they are...
Rose wants Trey and I want Drake....*and his small @ my girl crystal!!!!*

Chris Brown is banging her I hear...she is a fox!
Looks like Rih Rih a lil bit...

Eclipse is almost here....
she looks amazing
How much are these clutches??
Good Night!

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  1. love the lighter, love that lunch box, is that what you are keeping your pencils in? Definitely love the black hello kitty headphones, where did you find those?