Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gold Lion: Wanna Tell Me Where The Light Is!

What a day. Where do I start. I totally forgot about Eclipse. After a horrible kidney infection and 100 pills later, I finally realized I needed to buy my I totally forgot. I am all hyped up. I cant wait! Of course I am going to document my every move in line at the 12:00 show. I am so excited! Yay! Today I met this chick who had on a Eclipse shirt, necklace and hoodie on...and get this, she had to have been at least in her late 40's or early 50s. How awesome. I call them type of women Twilfs. Tee Hee! So Greg (the hubbie) and I drive all the way out to La Jolla to get the Imax tickets and guess what...all sold out. I am pissed. Oh well. Fuck Imax, I saw Twilight and New Moon without it so it does not suck so much. I am still happy. I got tickets at the theater around my way. Greg seems kinda excited as well. He won't tell me but I can tell he is digging the whole Twilight series. He looked just as bummed as I did when we could not get the Imax tickets. But that was my fault, I should have ordered those last week. Thats the funny part about relationships. You hang out with someone for so long you end up liking things you never thought you would like. I use to hate anything that had to do with action. I hated Transformers even when I was little, it just was not my thing. But now after hanging with Greg for so long I find myself excited to see Transformers and catch myself watching it on my own...who would have thought? I fell for his Transformers, he fell for my Twilight. Ha!

So this week I curled my hair, again. Using nothing but water and curlers. No mouse like I usually do. I was thinking about bleeching my ends but my mom scared me away from doing it. She is a worry wart. Hence why I am the way I am. I am scared to take chances because of her comments. Well, I wanted to bleach my hair and then dye it purple. This white chick with dreds told me to go for it. Her locs were fab! I would but now my mom scared the shit out of me. I always wanted purple hair...I might just go ahead and do it anyway. My mom said she saw some chick with dreds have her hair fall out because of bleach....
whatever mom...geez....*cock block*

Hair turned out very nice. I was so about to go for it. I wanted to dye all my hair jet balck and have the top purple...could I pull that off? I WANT PURPLE HAIR! But I honestly do not know what I am doing...*sigh*
I never got a chance to post my shirt. I got this shirt at Torrid. I wore it at the beech, I am sure you saw it before. I posted me wearing it just never said where it was from and how much. It was 34 dollars and I love it. Anything with shoulder embellishments do not get buy me. Its mine.

Check out my swim shorts...I have not swam in them yet....Im wearing them now actually!

I look like a black Farrah Faucet.
Greg sleeeeeeep....

So everything is done. I have bills to pay next week. Im wishing it will hurry up and be pay day so I can pay it and get it out of my face. Doctor bills. There not much given Im military. I think its funny when people stalk you and claim they don't like you. Its strange but I like the attention. I don't mind. Like Nicki Minaj said... "Cuz when ya gettin money you don't have a roger dat.." -Nicki Minaj :)

How hot was my girl Bella..I mean..*ahem*...Kirsten Stewart at the Premiere! Damn she looked good! This is the best she ever looked! Damn! Her ass looks amazing! She looks so much more grown up these days, probably cuz of that R-Patz penis....

this is cute too but I am loving the white! See you tuesday Bells! *Tee Hee*

I always post Rihanna because her swag don't stop.

I know its been one year since his death and all, but I wanted to say that this album was my most favorite Michael Jackson album. My favorite song was In the Closet. You guys should download it. Its a very sexy song, very passionate. Honestly the whole cd is mad! One of the best.

I hate Cassie....Mainly jealous...
I think my son would look just like this...attire and all..
Gaga in the trash...WURK BISH!
I'll be posting my Eclipse video soon. Be on the look out. Chow!


  1. RIP MJ. I just featured the artist that designed that album cover btw.

  2. Love the top you bought and your hair looks nice curly :) And I agree - Kristen Stewart looks gorgeous in the white!!