Thursday, June 17, 2010

Candy, Colors, And Corsets....

Im such a makeup junkie. I got this Ed Hardy makeup kit for 20 dollars at Torrid two weeks ago. It was on sale and use to be 50 dollars. Comes with a nice brush, two lip sticks, sample perfumes (which I thought where lip glosses) and some really nice eye shadows. Pretty sweet. Thought I would show everyone. You know I love color. They also had a set in blue which was pretty damn nice as well. another cool addition is when you open it up little lights come on on the side! Sweeeeet...

So I already told everyone about my love for corsets in my vlog about my messy closet. I actually cleaned it by the way, just stopped and never finished. I would buy all the corsets in the world if I could. There super sexy, especially if you have breast, they always make the boobage look better...yes, I said Boobage. It should be in the dictionary. Both of these are from Torrid of course...*sigh* Where else! Got them both on sale. Purple goth one was ten dollars on sale and the flower one was 24 dollars on sale. Cool deals.

I do a small review on some awesome glaze lipglosses that I got in the mail from Rose. Rose sells makeup and shit now these days. So I get first dibs into the new shit! Yay! Check out the review if your bored, or have nothing to do...Click play and check them out!

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