Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tonight Is The Night! Eclipse

Finally. The day I was waiting for. I am going around 11 tonight to wait in line for the midnight show. I am getting more and more excited as time gets closer. I am very excited! Mainly because this was my favorite book. Why? Because I loved the love triangle in it. Finally, the wait is over.
I bought the authors new book last week. Its called "The Short Life Of Bree Tanner." I have not even read it yet. Omg..sorry to get off subject but I think I am getting new neighbors soon. What the fuck. I hate that fucking apartment next door. Its like all the demons in the world move right next door to me. Everyone is always loud or fucking drunk and make sooo much noise. I wonder who is going to be the new trouble makers. Gahhh! Why can't that apartment just be empty! FUCK! I hate people..*sigh*

Anyway. Sorry. Like I was saying, tonight is the big night and I am brining my camera. I wonder if its going to be a mad crowd? I guess I will soon see.
I should take a nap given the fact Im gonna be out there all night. Im to excited to sleep it feels like.

Right now I am listening to this song called "The High Road" by Broken Bells. Download it if you like Coldplay or Kings Of Leon. Alright Im out!

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