Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Take Me Back To Wonderland: Life & Expressions

I have not wrote all weekend. I am on this kick of art and color. I get inspired rarely as I get older. Which to me is a bad thing. I went on the internet and found nothing. Then I watched Alice In Wonderland and got hella inspired again. That movie is an acid trip on its own. I love that movie. I should leave it on when I draw. It makes me happy.

Besides getting inspired by Alice I had a yummy weekend. Went to my favorite sushi place and got my favorite rolls. One is called "The Chuck Norris" and the other is called "Captain Mitch". So yummy. Greg got his original "Dank Roll". So yummy. We were going to see the movie Splice but, we kept getting sidetracked. This is the first week I feel 100%. I felt sick for about 3 weeks with high temps and bad sessions of...well...sore sessions. Now I feel amazing. Here is what I wore which is nothing great or spectacular. Just an outfit to go out with the hubby. Regular Target leggings and Forever 21 thingy...its the all black long sleeved thingy. I love it. I wear it all the time. The shirt is from Torrid on sale for 20 dollars. And of course my Lady Gaga purse from H&M.

The food was so yummy. I get the same thing all the time. Its sucks because this place is 2 minutes from my place and its so tempting to go there all the time. Its super expensive and I can only go there if we have some extra dough. We had a really nice time together. I love him alot. I mean alot alot. He is still my world even after all this time. Our anniversary is in a month. We would be married for 3 years. Not long at all. But it would mean all together, we been together for 8 years. Non stop. It is almost scary to me.

So yeah, we got Alice and Wolfman this weekend and like I said, I got hella inspired to draw again. So I made another Alice In Wonderland piece. I wanted to make it look like a tattoo sleeve or something to that nature but it turned out not very...umm..tattoo like. I finally got to use my expensive color pencils and they worked very nice I must say. I am very impressed. I actually hate coloring so I wanted to give up on this piece many times. I am actually still not done. But you can not draw anything Alice related and not have color...thats almost disrespectful....lol!

How hot is Alice with her thong out while trying to kill the Jabberwocky? Fierce...


  1. love the shirt with the roses! and those illustration are amazzzing!!


  2. TIA!!!! i want to hug you! That drawing is spectacular. I mean just simply amazing. <3333333

  3. You're an amazing artist! Thanks for the comments on my blog and I will be back for sure. :)