Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Do You Want From Me: Gloomy Dayz

I love my dad. I really do. I mean he is my rock I swear. He always seems to make me happy when its raining outside. I am actually excited for fathers day because he puts the F in father I swear. I been kinda low. Not a huge low but a low that I can not get out of. Just another day of life giving me lemons of course. Being upset that everyone around me is right and I know I am wrong. Something I will get over eventually. My body is in California and my mind is in my hometown, Maryland. I need to get out of that. Leave things where they lay. I am looking at my tattoo and trying to live by it. Trying to say the least. A so called "friend" of mine is pissed at me. Its a guy by the way. Apparently I don't call him enough. Guys are like girls sometimes. I am married and I live on the other side of the United states...what do you want from me? Greg is not even that thrilled I talk to a guy who is not gay. He is pissing me off. Not Greg but my "friend". I swear...

Greg's got training. I am getting tired of playing the Sims already. I gotta send Rose World Adventures today. I have a lot to do. Usually when I am down in the dumps I just post things I here it is.

Lady Gaga was on CNN last week. Loved it. She dressed just like Larry King. She is so like me and has the same views. I wish I grew up with her or something. She says she is terrified of children and thinks it will rip away her creativity.....*sigh*
Nicki Minaj is just sexy....and that makes me happy....
I want this bag...
thank god for bakeries :)

My dad sent me money for a blue ray. YAY! I love my dad so much. He knows I am down in the dumps, so what does he do? Buy me something! LOL! This picture is my moms dog Bruce, who I miss as well. I miss everyone, especially Rose. Anyway, enough of the whining. So I got a blue ray and I am kind of mad because I just bought Alice and Wonderland and The Wolfman and If I would had waited I could have bought them on blue ray. And no, I do not have the recite. :(

There annoying movie on in the backround.. god help

So I wanted to post this awesome webiste with the coolest stuff on there! The website is So awesome this stuff is...awesome. Its alot of ethnic looks. I love it!

I want all this stuff I swear!

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  1. Uhmm that bow necklace is extremely fierce! Btw I hope you figure everything out. :)