Monday, June 28, 2010

In Military Chic

The fashion is back. Finally. I am sick no more. I wanted to hurry this up and I told myself that Monday will be the day I finally post some fashion. So okay, Fourth of July is coming up and it seems as if the look these days are military style. I see it everywhere. I am loving the look by the way. I want to buy a military jacket eventually. But this shirt is my favorite shirt right now. Its simple and cute, plus I love the gold in it. I started to play with gold more, it matches my hair so much better.

Speaking of hair. I was going to bleech my hair and dye it purple on the ends but decided not too. My mom scared me off from doing it. She told me when she was getting her hair done a girl had to get her locs cut of because of to much dye. So of course I freaked and said I was not going to do it. But then yesterday I opened a fortune cookie and it literally said "the color purple will bring something well in the future". No bullshit! I saved the fortune and everything. So I do not know what to do. Should I listen to my mom and no do it? Or should I listen to the cookie instead?

Military Button-Front Poplin Top - Navy $34.00

Gold Bracelet 1.99 on Sale

So I watched the BET awards because I wanted to see Nicki Minaj. Thats it. The next thing you know I am watching the whole thing. But when I saw Chris Browns tribute to Michael Jackson...It struck me. I choked up. I am sure everyone heard about it. He started crying while singing and just broke down. I wanted to literally cry with him. I got goose bumps the whole time. His dancing was...untouchable. And honestly, I am not a Chris Brown fan. I am one of those people that are on Team Rihanna. After the whole thing with him and Rihanna, I totally wrote him off as a douche. Because I am not going to sit there and say "Its Rihannas fault" and say "she provoked it". I am not running with those dumb excuses people say for him. You want to know why? Because if the tables were turned to someone you care about, it would be a different story. If Chris Brown was beating your sister, your cousin, your best friend, or even worst, your mother....NO ONE would say "she provoked it" then. I put money on it. But anyway, the performance was great. It was the first time I watched him perform and did think about the incident. His talent overcame that. Plus the song he was singing when he started crying sounded like it related to him and that was deep. Check it out if you have time.

Peace :)


  1. You look soooo cute!! I <3 the shirt!

  2. Listen to the cookie. Always listen to the cokies! Worst comes to worst, you could get a wig! But fingers crossed it would never have to come to that :)

  3. I love the military top. You look lovely.

  4. I've heard a formerly abused woman say that the wounds Rih had were defensive (as in those are the wounds someone would get if the other person were defending themselves.) Wife beaters or women beaters are no secret. If this were par for the course it would be a public secret (I.e. Ike Turner, Sade's former husband)
    Yeah he's an immature douche but if he were a woman beater another woman would have popped up and said so too. (sort of how rape victims can come forward once another one has; it gives them strength.) Not saying he was right just saying...
    Paul Mooney said it best "Wounded scared animals bite. If he bit her, he was scared."