Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Because I Wanted Too....

What a great monday. I made the decision to go back to school full time in the fall. Making that decision makes me feel a lot happier with myself. Bottom line is, math always kicks my ass..and taking just math all the time is making me behind on the other stuff. I passed all my English and all my Speech and Psychology...all the shit I will never use all I have is Math. At least I thought. I need one science. What the hell right? So fine. Its gonna be longer to get my damn degree. To be honest really I am not rushing. Believe it or not I have done most of my goals already which is funny because I am doing everything backwards. I moved out, live by a the beach, got married, married a guy that is completely nutso over me, I just planned to get the degree first in all of that...and didn't. So now that I got the fairytale part, its time to work on me. Im pretty much right at the finish line and no cigar. But in do time I will get there. Like I said I am in no rush. Maybe for some, I should be. But I am not. Sorry. I just like to live life a bit differently. I am happier at this pace.

Well, this post is pretty much stuff I like and pictures I like as always. Its always fun to have eye candy. Who says adults should not ready pop up books. Its candy for the eyes.

Nicki Minaj is so awesome. I am at a lost for words. I don't care if everyone hates her, she is dope. She kind of is going through a situation I had to go through. is quite similar. When someone asked her how she feels about haters and people dogging her and calling her a fake barbie...she replied..." Well, when your getting money you don't have a roger that.." God I Love black Gaga...
The new Alejandro video was...actually weird. And thats bad if it weirds me out because I am weird on my own....but I kinda expected more actually....eghh...I cant say she didn't look hot.
Check her cool?
This is were JEALOUSY comes in...I want THAT ipad..:(
How bad ass does she look???? Gosh!
nice pads Alba.. cool are these!
Damn I miss Glee..


I dunno who she is but she's a bad motherfucker...

If you don't think this is pretty .... you kinda suck..
damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH??

I have that shirt you know...

she is a crackhead but she looks good in this pic
Gaga going to watch the Mets play in a bra and knicker....she is no joke...

Glee.....where art thou Glee.....
Love yall much! Mwah!

Damn bitch...

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