Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Punk Skunk: Favorite Punk-Rock Looks

I am so inspired by the punk rock fashion. I love the spikes. I love the dark all black skinny jeans. I love shredded distressed pants. I even love the mohawk look that everyone is sporting these days. If I did not have locs I would so be sweating Rihanna. What people call swagger jacking. I love it. I love the look. Why you may ask? I like a masculine look on women. Broad shoulders and dark eye shades. So amazing. Here are some looks from Magazines that I admire a lot. If I had money I dress just like these people.

1.) Hoodie Leather Jacket Look
Its a guy. But I love the look. I actually go to the male section in F21 or Hot Topic. The shirts are bigger and I think guy shirts are pretty fashionable. The outfit this guy is wearing is so what I would wear right now. I could actually look like this right now if I wanted. This outfit could easily be in Target.

2.) High Hair & High Studded Heels
Im tall, so I don't wear heels. I know, I know, it should not matter. But I hate being too tall. Yet I love stripper shoes or really high heels. I just do not buy them. I love this look so much. I would have to say this is my favorite look right now. Can you really lose with all black? Not really.

3.) Lady Gaga.....*sigh*
I know she is not plus size and she is actually skinny as hell. But I love her to death and she is my ultimate style icon. Mainly I like her style because she really does not give a fuck. She does not care what anyone thinks. Gaga wears dark fashion as well, and her shade game is off the hook. This picture looks amazing, thats mainly why I posted this.

4.) Ripped Gloves and Smokey Eyes
This is another look I would rock if I did not have locs. The gloves are so awesome to me.

5.) Shredded Sweet
Umm...if they made this outfit in a size 3x. I would buy it. But thats all a dream! lol!

6.) Angel White
I would wear this to church. If I was into the whole......religion........thing.....

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