Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Rock Star Edition: Nite Time Punk

So this is my night time punk look. I fucking love it. My mom bought me a leather jacket. I was posing to all this listening to Lil Waynes Rebirth Rock Album. So awesome. I love it. The best song is Knockout. The whole album reminds me of Oceanside so much. Most of the songs do. One month left baby and Im gone. I can not wait! Im so excited. Oh, okay..Im getting side tracked again.....

Well, my mom hooked me up. I think what makes this outfit is the lipstick. I love it so much. The most expensive thing on me is the necklace. Lol!

So this look also reminds me of The Distillers lead singer Brody. Google it, the chick is so pretty. Well, at least I think so. Im doing this whole punk style thing because I do love Punk style. I listen to punk music so I am not a!

Leather Jackett: 40 maxx

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