Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beatlez

I think I like the Beatles. Well, I think I like John Lennon. Im a huge fan of his writing. Hence the fact I put the song title "Let It Be" on my wrist. Means more when I look down and see it. Even though I don't follow it. I never let things be. I soak in it. I marinate in it. Enough of my Emo-ness. Here was my look this week. I curled my lovely hair, obviously from the video. But anywho, I am snowed in today with my favorite person in the world. My mommy dearest. Kill me. Im faking a hurt foot so I can stay in my room and pretend I am in pain. I showed my Mom my eyelashes. I asked her if It was cute and she said "You need to get your eyebrows done." Not it looks nice or anything, sometimes I think I hate her. But I dont. Because I care to much to hate her. Anywho, heres my outfit. :) All shirts are from Target

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