Monday, February 15, 2010

Ima Free Bitch Baby

I just realized today that this is it. This is February. My journey being away from my husband for 8 months is officially winding down. It is almost to good to be true. I can not believe this at all. I came a very long way. I remember getting here in September. Just starting my blog really, which became diary/plus-size fashion blog. I can look back from the start and see all I have done while being away from him. Its crazy. I can't fathom the fact I have one month left and 9 days till I see him. Wow. It hit me when I read his email today. How he said to go ahead and buy my ticket and that he doesn't want anything but to see me again. Crazy. Time is winding down. Im about to be free from it all. Free with him. I am about to press un-pause on my life back in California.
Im coming home again.

I know it is going back to money problems and issues with life. Living on my home again million miles away from parents. Back to saving and back to not shopping like a wild woman. Im ready for it. I did not really appreciate what I had before. I feel I was almost a bitch towards Greg in a lot of ways. As of a matter a fact I was. I cant lie. You never know what you have until its not with you everyday anymore.

Greg is doing Corporal classes these days. Im so happy he picked up (he got a higher rank..). He wanted this so bad. So this will be a new start for him in his life. Makes me think about children. Makes me think about housing. Makes me think about Greg staying in the military which I hope he does. The whole deployment thing is a little much for me...but I feel this is the only way we can truly start a family. I could be wrong, but whatever. Im happy. As for kids, its down the line. For some reason I know for a fact It would make my mom very happy if I did get pregnant. She claims she wouldn't but she lies. She is getting older as well. I want my kids to know who she is. But how do you know when you want to have children?
When are you ready?
What if you don't feel like mom material?
Until then, Im just a free bitch baby.

"Everybody wants to be, closer to free" Bodeans- Closer To Free

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