Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Torrid Sending The Wrong Message?

Its a good question. Does Torrid send the wrong message? Is Torrid giving thick women false hope and promoting bad health? Torrid goes all the way up to a 26 or 28 I think. Which is considered obese to many people. But the question is “Does Torrid makes thick/fat people think its okay to be big. To be honest I don’t know. My mom use to tell me when people couldn’t fit things they would lose weight just to get into the pants they want. But nowadays you can just pick up a bigger size. Torrid is more hip and more fashionable then Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart. Sorry, It is just my opinion. But I remember being young and telling myself if I get to the point where I can’t wear any of the clothes I want to wear, then I would lose weight. Now, I cant wear any clothes I want to wear. I cant shop at Forever 21. I cant shop even at Hot Topic anymore. But then theres Torrid. They have funky clothes and even cuter thing then all those stores combined. So all I really had to do was start going to Torrid. No weight losing at all. So that bring me back to the question at hand. Is Torrid a cop out for weight lost, or just a store giving big girls a chance to be fly like the rest of the world. I guess it is just a matter of opinions.

I love Torrid myself. And I guess I have to say I like the fact Torrid gives you an option. I like Torrid alot. It is nice to go in there and pick what I want and KNOW it will fit. I hate working out and I hate dieting. I dance alot in my house and I consider that working out. Im just not that type of person and I honestly dont have the drive. Maybe because I don't want it enough.

"Perfectly Flawed"- OTEP

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