Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last Week Of February: I cant even believe it.

Its a Tuesday. Not much has happened for me. But some stuff has. I bought my ticket home on sunday for California. How amazing. It was almost surreal buying it. I just made some awesome hot chocolate that I am about to sip while I write. Its a calm and moody day. All clouds. Something I did miss about Maryland. I loved my erie Edgar Allen Poe days. Clouds everywhere with not a lick of sun. Easy to sleep and easy to relax. When it is sunny outside it makes me feel I need to leave or I am missing out on something. I tried to make an appointment for the dentist this week but it seems like no one takes fucking Tricare. I mean it was already a bitch trying to find a doctor around here that takes it. So I think I might wait till I get home. I know where the Dentist is back at California and I know who takes what. I made a promise to myself, and It might not be happening right away, but I will not forget. I am going to take the time and take care of my teeth. And yes, I have to make promises to myself or else I wont do it. Works for me.
The picture with the Hello Kitty necklace is something I really own. Rose bought it. But it is suppose to signify our friendship. And the fact even if we are apart when I go back home. We still have a piece of each other. Pretty gay, but its very meaningful to us. She is my best friend. I have the guy kitty and she has the girl kitty. Which is only fair...because I own sooo much hello kitty shit, I think she deserves the girl one.
I want those shades by the way....sorry off topic...
So very soon, time is winding down. When I think about it, I feel weird about seeing Greg again. It has been so long. I might not even know what to say. Sometimes I get scared that he will fall out of love with me. Why? Because my mind has nothing better to think about. I miss him. And this is the longest we have ever been apart. 8 months is a long time. Very long time.
I saw Shutter Island by the way. It was good. I actually loved it. I saw the bootleg because no one wanted to see it with me. I also wanted to see The Crazies but no one wants to watch that either. See, this is why I miss Greg, he wants to see everything with me. Even shit we might think is dumb. I miss that. I miss him. Soon we will be together though. It will actually be next to one of the best days of my life. Seeing him after bootcamp was one of the best days of my life, this will be another special day.


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